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So you’re the occasional intubator, you’re also probably the occasional face mask ventilator….now what?

I have no problem declaring that I am an occasional intubator. Although I’m an Emergency Physician working in a busy Metropolitan Emergency Department, most patients don’t require intubation. I’m also surrounded by extremely eager registrars who are always vying with each other, let alone the consultants, for airway experience when the need to intubate arises.… Read More »

Rise of the Mapleson: comparison of O2 delivery devices for PreOx & ReOx

In the operating theatre the anaesthetic machine, typically attached to a circle system in adults, fulfills most of the requirements of an ideal device for both preoxygenation (PreOx) & subsequent positive pressure ventilation for reoxygenation (ReOx) during the process of airway management. It provides high concentration oxygen through a low resistance circuit that retains a… Read More »